Ceramic Coating and Car Detailing Service in Carlsbad.

Ceramic coatings
mean you’ll fall in love with your car all over again! 😍

Have you ever imagined it could be possible to drive an absolutely perfect-looking car every day and never have to wash it?

That’s exactly the type of service we provide here at Carlsbad Auto Restoration. You’ll have perfectly pristine transportation that begs to be looked at twice. Whichever vehicle you choose to express yourself with, a clean car shows your best personality.

Make it easy on yourself with our luxurious concierge Carlsbad car detailing service. You’ll enjoy our streamlined processes, quick and efficient work, and quiet tools. A ceramic coating will protect your car from accidental spills inside and out. Accidental scuffs and scrapes will only last between visits, and best of all, you’ll love your car all over again.

A dirty car is a dirty shame. It shouldn’t have to be you. Contact us today, and we’ll take great care in restoring your car’s full potential and keeping it that way.

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Choose your service and we’ll have our Master Detailer reach out to you immediately to finalize your appointment or answer any questions you have about detailing your car, ceramic coatings, bumper repair, paint correction, and more!

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Carlsbad ceramic coating and mobile car detailing service.

We specialize in mobile auto detailing, ceramic coatings, and paint correction. Carlsbad Auto Restoration has over 30 years of experience! We know what works, and we know what doesn’t! We only use the best products money can buy and have all the latest technology to keep your car looking incredible! We come to your door with a fully self-contained mobile unit! Call us today And make an appointment for an experience you’ll never forget!

Ceramic Coating
& Car Detailing Services.

We can make your car sparkle from top to bottom. We do everything from touch-less car wash, car interior detailing, paint correction, and ceramic protective coatings to bumper repair and removing scratches from your paint. When we’re done your car will look like candy.


Love Your Car All Over Again

Mobile Car Detailing

From $249

Without proper consistent waxing and treatment to the exterior of your car, permanent paint damage and dullness of your paint can occur. We can do a complete paint correction or just clay and wax the exterior of your car. We’ll make you love your car all over again! Send us a picture for an estimate.

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Paint Scratch & Swirl Removal

Paint Correction

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Repair the scratches and swirls in your vehicle’s paint. Scratches and swirls can be caused by a number of things ranging from inexperienced car detailers to vandalism. However they get there, all you need to do is call us and we will correct any imperfections and make your car look like new again.


All-In Absolute Perfection

Ceramic Coatings

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We use ceramic, synthetic, and hybrid protective sealants on your car. This protects your paint and makes your paint more resistant to everyday elements like bird droppings, sprinklers, rain, and road scum. Keep your car protected while keeping it looking beautiful at the same time.


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